Welcome to the site of All Care Plus! We have the current and future state of care in our sights and are always looking for innovating ways to improve care for all.

We provide low cost services such as LIVESCAN, CPR, FIRST AID and BASIC CAREGIVER TRAINING. We provide these services for the public on a daily basis. We have mobile services available and also in office. We can also make accommodations for evenings and weekends.

We urge you to share your interests with us here on this page, by email or by calling to express your concerns. We are adding to the list of subjects, feel free to direct our energy to your care concerns.

Question Examples

  • What resources are available in your area?
  • Do you qualify for a specific type of care?
  • How will the change in healthcare policy in this country affect me?
  • Where can I find xyz service?

Please share your thoughts!

We are committed to providing services with your help for FREE or for a low, affordable rates when the budget is tight. Your financial gifts provide critical support to better manage the Care Awareness programs we offer.

Since we were first established in 2002, attempts to acquire funding from the California Endowment Fund back in 2003 and the Silicon Valley Community Foundation in 2013 failed to deliver us the financial support we need to remain afloat. So to best keep our programs running we ask for your support to bolster the basic remaining funds we have from the services we offer.

Thank you for your support.

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My name is Cynthia Okialda, I am the Business Office Coordinator for Sunrise of Palo Alto. We have been working with All Care Plus for the past two and a half years. We enjoy working with All Care Plus because the staff is very responsive to our request and needs and the customer service is great. I would describe the people that work at All Care Plus to be very friendly and great with people. Some of the benefits of working with All Care Plus are that they are very flexible and personable. I would recommend All Care Plus to any business or individual looking for Live Scan Fingerprinting service or safety training classes.
Cynthia Okialda, Business Office Coordinator, Sunrise
Hello this is Debi Deutsch I work for Kehillah Jewish High School. I have been working with All Care Plus for three plus years now and I must say the customer service at All Care Plus has been excellent. If I would describe the people that work at All Care Plus I would say that they are very friendly and efficient. The reason I like working with All Care Plus is because they have a friendly staff and they are also very thorough. They also answer any inquiries we may have. I would absolutely recommend All Care Plus to anyone needing their services.
Debi Deutsch, Human Resource Manager, Kehillah Jewish High School