Know your body, Know your health.

We can improve our lives through basic but consistent life style changes.  Evidence confirms the more we know the more, the more persistent we are, the more we can progress we can make.

Chronic Diseases such as obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer are far less life threatening the more we aggressively work to keep our mind, body and soul strong.

We feel therefore it is our obligation to Advocate for Self-Health Awareness for the uninsured and low income people in our community Usually this group includes homeless, new migrants, youth, students and others who lack health care resources.

Save your life with help from All Care Plus.

Advocating for self-health awareness and reducing chronic illnesses in uninsured and underinsured residents living in the Silicon Valley.

Overwhelming evidence confirms our health can be modified, improved, and reinforced by implementing simple self-health awareness techniques to better understand and improve the way we care for ourselves. We feel it should be standard practice in our community. Many of us are affected by chronic illnesses but don’t know it and are not made aware of Most know the basis for many chronic illnesses are associated with unhealthy lifestyle habits. Sadly, many have no idea they are on the path to living a low quality of life until late in life when reverse it is and make positive lifestyle changes.

All Care Plus advocates for improving health using self-care awareness services. We provide self-care education, assessments, treatment referrals and support. Our programs include: health seminars, mobile health clinics, low cost & free treatment referrals and soon to be offered remote accessible support groups. All services are aligned with the goal of developing high quality, healthy lifestyles to reduce chronic illnesses.


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We are a non-profit organization. All contributions are appreciated.

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Our mission is to reach underserved, low-income communities in the Bay Area that do not have access to health education. We are a nonprofit organization, all contributions are appreciated.