About All Care Plus

Our mission is to provide preventative health care & education. It’s your time to be aware of your self-care. You deserve the best health care journey.

All Care Plus is a community health education organization focused on creating the best health program for your vision of your health.

We provide a new approach to understanding what we need to be more self-care aware. Reduce your chance of chronic illnesses such as obesity, diabetes, heart attacks, and stroke by learning what your brain & body need and how to fill that need. Join us as we embark on this new journey through health literacy and preventative health monitoring using state-of-the-art technology. We believe there are better ways to manage our health to achieve goals and enjoy opportunities we never thought possible. It’s time to focus on the future.

Here at All Care Plus we help you understand how your brain and body work independently and together. Our belief is that uninsured populations who suffer from chronic illnesses need more than what most health care systems can provide. We provide brain to body knowledge and self care, through educational classes, personal health assessments, and on-going support in the health plan that you decide on.

Studies confirm that the more we know about the way our bodies work and what it needs, the better we can make conscious decisions on how to support it. The results are amazing! Those who have conquered this reasonable feat have found a higher quality of life, more energy, better concentration and memory, better physical performance, and above all more have developed, stronger feelings of being a positive community member. We look forward to helping you achieve the same results that many others have found using the All Care Plus technique. Contact us for more information and to sign up for the next webinar or service.

The All Care Plus Difference

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