History of All Care Plus

All Care Plus was founded in Palo Alto, California in 2002 with the goal of training┬ácaregivers along the San Francisco, Peninsula in basic care services and first aid and CPR. Today All Care Plus has expanded their mission to …….


The goal was to offer all services under one roof and simplify the hectic lives many caregivers lead. After proving dedicated service to 1000s of caregivers in the Silicon Valley Bay Area, it was clear that many caregivers and other community members lacked the skills to properly care for themselves. Stress, chronic fatigue, irregular sleep patterns, obesity, diabetes, asthma, depression and others were listed as conditions many caregivers experienced in surveys taken over a ten-year period.


It was from this information that the direction of All Care Plus shifted towards a focus on advocating for self-health awareness. To date, we have held numerous onsite health clinics that confirm the numbers match the results found from the centers for disease control. Residents of Santa Clara County need a boost of encouragement to better understand healthy living life skills.


Our vision for All Care Plus is have average people who are ASHA & health technology trained and health resource finding prepared and informed to assist the uninsured, underinsured and low income members of the community improve their health literacy, provide mobile health clinics, offer treatment referrals and ongoing support to ensure successful progress and maintenance of a healthy lifestyle and improved quality of life.

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