Success Stories


Mike C.

Mike had grown to over 400 pounds and had attempted numerous times to correct his weight problems. Mike had unsuccessfully attempted surgical procedures and was experiencing depression as a result of his inability to conquer his battle with obesity. An All Care Plus mentor discussed his condition and researched options. All Care Plus connected Mike with the appropriate nutritional and emotional support which, over a period of time, allowed Mike to gradually establish an on-going lifestyle change. Now, he discusses his outlook on life in a more positive and uplifting manner.

Sara G.

Sara was just recently diagnosed with type 2 gestational diabetes. She was a competitive athlete her whole life, and lived a very active and healthy life into her adulthood. She never had the need to monitor her nutritional intake or physical activity due to being an athlete. She knew she was “out of shape” but what she didn’t know yet, was that she was addicted to sugar and it had now started to affect her health, leading to her diagnosis. All Care Plus and their mentors were able to get Sara active in a walking program that not only helped Sara lose weight, but control her condition and its effects. Sara now has full control over her condition and leads a much healthier and balanced lifestyle.


Melissa struggled with oral health her whole life. No matter how many times a day she brushed her teeth or how conscious she was of her dental health, she would always end up back at the dentist with multiple cavities, root canals and gum issues, and she could never understand why. All Care Plus was not only able to help her identify her condition as a result of her mother’s prenatal oral health, but they were able to connect her with a low-cost dental care provider who have now helped Melissa get her oral health back on track by prescribing oral health care specific to pre-natal oral health issues and cavity prevention. Melissa is now on the track to maintaining her oral health and educated for the future.

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